With EmbeddedAnalytics' EmbeddedCharts you create charts against your Google Analytics data and then embed them into your own site. Create charts using any metric/dimension combination. Apply your own styling so they fit well into your site. Charts can be rendered both as static png and animated flash. This is a great tool to display Google Analytics live on your site.

Many Chart Types to Choose From!

You can create different types of charts. Currently we support the following:

  • Vertical Bar Charts
  • Horizontal Bar Charts
  • Line Graphs
  • Pie Charts
  • Area Charts
  • Geographic Map Overlays with drilldown support

Choose any Metrics and Dimension

For each chart you select the Google Analytics Dimensions and Metrics. We make available a wizard which uses the most popular metrics and dimensions to simplify the process of chart creation.

Time Frame Specification

Each chart allows you to specify the time frame over which data is drawn:

  • Last 7 Days
  • Last Month
  • Last Year
  • Year to Date
  • All Time

Customize Appearance

The ability to customize the overall look of your charts is what makes EmbeddedCharts such a unique service. You have control over the color, fonts, size of the charts. For example, with each chart you can control the following.

  • Background color; color of graphical lines and bars
  • Font size, appearance, color
  • Width/size of the report
  • 3D Look
  • Text of titles, labels, and axis

Content Management System (CMS) Integration

If you have created a customized Content Management System EmbeddedAnalytics can be used to provide your customers with a statistical dashboard. Please contact use to learn more. Free Plan and Paid Plan

EmbeddedCharts is available in both a free plan and a paid plan. Please refer to our Feature Matrix for details on the differences between the two plans.