Google Analytics Reporting Widgets

Sample EmbeddedDashboard


The EmbeddedDashboard is designed to replicate the "Dashboards" available within Google Analytics in terms of both look and functionality. While they don't have the extended styling available with most of our other widgets, they do allow you to create dashboards extremely quickly. Plus, you can choose from our template repository and then customize for yourself.

Sample Map Overlay

Map Overlay

See where your visitors are coming from!

Sample Vertical Bar Chart

Vertical Bar Chart

The basic vertical bar chart. What more can you say!

Sample Line Graph

Line Graph

Ideal for showing Time-Series Data

Sample Realtime Current Visitors

Realtime Current Visitors

Display count of real-time visitors on your site.

Sample Realtime Geo Map

Realtime Geo Map

Real-time map showing where your current visitors are

Sample Embedded Stats Widget

Embedded Stats Widget

One of our First Widgets. Great for providing "Last 30 Day" Key Performance Indicators.

Sample TopContent Widget

TopContent Widget

Great for Blog Sites.

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