Google Analytics Dashboard Automation

Integrate on-demand client dashboards directly into your website
Save time by never manually creating dashboards again

Integrate white labeled, custom built dashboards directly into your website, CMS System, or web hosting portal and impress your clients. In an "Always Conntected" age, your clients want information immediately. Why should your clients wait to receive dashboards via email? With EmbeddedAnalytics reporting tool you can embed dashboards directly into a website for your clients to see on their terms.

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Google Analytics Reporting Features for Agencies

Use Cases

Over the years EmbeddedAnalytics has been integrated into several different types of web services. Here are some of the more common uses.

Benefits over other automated reporting packages

Many of our customers are Internet or online marketing agencies, and some of them have utilized other "Email Based" reporting services before engaging us. They all agree our product has many advantages over these Email Based as we follow a “software as a service” approach:

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