EmbeddedAnalytics Realtime Analytics Reporting

Display Google Analytics Real Time Based Maps and Charts in your Website!

Display Google Analytics Real Time Data from the world's most widely used analytics platform directly on your website. EmbeddedAnalytics' engine queries the GoogleAnalytics Realtime API every 10 seconds and offers a suite of reporting objects that can be embeded directly on your website. With our RealTime Reporting Widgets everything is instant. You can see exactly how many people are currently on your site, and how they got there.

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Realtime Visitor Widget

EmbeddedAnalytics also has a widget which lets you display active real-time visitors based on specific dimension (e.g. country, browser type, current page)

Realtime Example 1


The www.embeddedanalytics.com realtime visitors map:

Do you see a mark representing you?

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