Online Reputation Management Tools

Incorporate our Tools into your Online Reputation Management Campaign

You’ve spent countless hours building your online business presence. You’ve invested extensive time and money, opting not to attend family obligations and foregoing vacations. Eventually you feel as though you can start to take time and live life. But then sales slow and there are less inquiries. You wonder why. Perhaps a negative posting in a forum about your product/service? Or perhaps your website is temporarily down and you don't even know it?

EmbeddedAnalytics makes available two tools to assist with your Online Reputation Management and Website Monitoring. While certainly not a "one stop shop" for ORM and monitoring, our tools can certainly complement other tools you may use for these efforts.


A service which alerts you via email when new external links are discovered referencing your website. Alerts typically sent within an hour. Great for personnel within an organization repsonsible for monitoring online reputation.