Get Notified of new Links to your Site Instantly

EmbeddedAnalytics "InboundLinkAlerts" is a service which alerts you via email when new external links are discovered referencing your website.

Ideal for marketing personnel and members of your organization responsible for Online Reputation Management (ORM). Benchmarks have shown alerts are received within hours of link creation; much quicker than traditional alerting methods relying on search engine crawling methods. The short notification time-span allows you to more effectively respond to what is being said about you on the web.

EmbeddedAnalytics offers a free 30 day trial period - no credit card required!

How it works
After creating an account and granting EmbeddedAnalytics an access token for your Analytics data, you choose the different GA profiles on which to create alerts. InboundLinkAlerts then performs a series of queries to create a data-warehouse of all existing links to your site (based on the ga:source and ga:referralpath dimensions). Then, at a user-configurable frequency (e.g. every couple hours), the service performs queries against your GA data. If and when new links are found it sends you an alert email.

  • Link Verification  Verifies referring link is public facing (not password protected area of referring site). User has option to suppress alerts for non-verified links.
  • Anchor Text Parsing Includes associated anchor text of link.
  • Link Performance Alert emails include KPI statistics of recently discovered links including visits, time on site, pageviews/visit and bounce rate.
  • Alexa Rank Relevant Alexa Rank statistics associated with referring domains. Also computes the relative rank among all domains referencing your site.
  • Domain Filtering  Set filters to suppress alerts for specific domains.

InboundLinkAlerts vs. Google Alerts
It's no secret you can already use Google to find your inbound links (e.g. links:embeddedanalytics.com). And you can also create a Google Alert to notify you. But these technologies rely on crawling and indexing, which can sometimes be days before links are detected. Because Inbound LinkAlerts is based directly on your Google Analytics data, the time for detection/notification is much lower. 1

Service Pricing

Pricing depends on the number of existing source links referencing your site. Use the grid below. You can get a realtime quote for any profile once you have created an account and alert. The first 30 days of the service are free and don't require a credit card.

Inbound LinkAlerts
(based on the number of source/referring links to your site)
Number of Profile Source LinksCost
0 - 250Free
251 - 1,000$4.95/year
1,001 - 2,500$9.95/year
2,501 - 5,000$14.95/year

EmbeddedAnalytics offers a free 30 day trial period - no credit card required!

1 - Link detection is not immediate. There is latency/delay before data is available through the Google Analytics API. Through our own benchmarking we estimate this is typically between 1 and 4 hours.