Demo EmbeddedAnalytics Now
Two Ways to Demo EmbeddedAnaltyics

You can demo EmbeddedAnalytics using our Google Analytics profile or link to your own data.

  • To use our data, simply click the Use EmbeddedAnalytics Profile button. You will be able to create sample reports against our actual Google Accounts data.
    NOTE:For proprietary purposes certain dimensions and metrics are disabled.

  • To demo using your own GA data, click the Grant Access to Google Analytics button below. You will be redirected to a Google account login page.  This login page is a request to grant EmbeddedAnalytics permission to access your Google Analytics data. EmbeddedAnalytics will not have access to your password or any other personal information from your Google Account. (learn more).  Instead, EmbeddedAnalytics will be provided a "token" which we can use to access your data.  We will automatically revoke this token 30 minutes after site inactivity. You can also revoke the token within Google by going to the authorized websites.