About Us

EmbeddedAnalytics is a Software as a Service (SaaS) provider for Analytics Reporting.  The site provides an easy method for website publishers to embed real-time reports against their Google Analytics data. The service requires no server side scripting. All that is required is for the webmaster to include an embedded iframe tag into their site.

EmbeddedAnalytics was formed in the Spring of 2009 by Mark Schenkel.  Before developing the site, Mr. Schenkel needed a way to publish Google Analytics site statistics on a social site he was operating. The primary purpose was to give prospective advertisers a big picture of the site traffic.  Because traffic on the site was growing each week, it was important the statistics be close to realtime. Rather than peridocally taking and publishing screen shots from Google Analytics, or exporting and importing into Excel to make a graph, Mr. Schenkel devised an automated mechanism to achieve his goal.

The first version of the service utilized exported Google Analytics reports emailed to EmbeddedAnalytics.com in XML format. We created a service to query the emails and post the xml attachments to a database.  The EmbeddedAnalyics web server would then parse this data on-demand and render the reports.

Today website publishers have a simple way of displaying their Google Analytics data. EmbeddedAnalytics targets the non-technical website publisher who does not have the programming capability nor server privileges to effectively utilize server access logs.  Our mission is to provide our user's with a reliable, user friendly, yet powerful embedding solution for Google Analytics.  We strive to continually improve our service over time.