Who we are

We partner with companies looking to leverage the most out of Google Analytics. Whether a simple dashboard for personal consumption, displaying KPI metrics for Ad Sales, or a full scale Google Analytics Dashboard for SEM/SEO reporting, we deliver Google Analytics data accessible within a web browser.

Agencies use EmbeddedAnalytics for client SEO Reporting, SEM Adwords spend, and web hosting dashboards. Businesses use our service to build Google Analytics based dashboards accessible directly within their site. And Advertisers use it to provide KPI metrics and site tranparency on their "Advertise with Us" pages. No matter what your Analytics reporting needs are - we have the solution.

How we are different from other Google Analytics Reporting Tools

Unlike other reporting tools on the market, we offer the distinct advantage of embedding Google Analytics charts and dashboards directly in your website. There is no need to wait for emails containing pdf file nor the need to logon to a 3rd party website to see your reports. All of our charts and widgets can be embedded directly into your website.

Our Technology

Our system was built with security, reliability and efficiency in mind: